David J. Peña

A message from David Peña…
I am so excited to share my latest album “Winds of Change” with my listening Audience. Working on this project has been a wonderful experience. I really wanted to tap into my listeners’ emotions, by taking them on a cinematic journey.

As I composed each piece, a scene I imagine would come to life and take me on an emotional ride. The scenes brought me an array of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness, anticipation to relief, and everything in between. As I experience these emotions, I can hear the orchestra accompanying me, while I compose. I want my listeners to experience the same cinematic journey that inspired me.

Finding an orchestral composer, who is able to connect with you, take your vision and emotions you’re wanting to convey, and bring your scene to life, is not an easy task. I have been extremely blessed to have found the perfect fit, Judah Earl, an amazing orchestral composer in the film industry.

My hope is that when you listen to each song, you are able to envision a scene of your own, a scene that stirs up a range of emotions and takes you on your very own cinematic journey that will be enjoyable, refreshing, and satisfying to your soul.


David J. Peña is a drummer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist raised in Mission, TX and based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area whose compositions conjure vast worlds and cinematic visions through their evocative soundscapes and imaginative development.

Peña’s foray into the world of music began very young. At age 4, he would sit on the street curb and listen to the local marching band as they practiced and marched down his childhood street. The heroic melodies and triumphant sounds of the fight songs enraptured his imagination, and after the band passed, he would rush to his family’s piano and steadily decipher the tunes and harmonies of the music that marched down the street and mind of his childhood. From this moment forward, Peña’s musical fascinations only grew and were nurtured by his mother’s side of the family: she was a vocalist and guitarist, and her father a skilled violinist.

Peña developed as a musician, and has become known as a skilled drummer and piano enthusiast. As his musicianship began to flourish, Peña ventured into the world of songwriting and composition, and learned guitar and bass as additions to his ever-expanding sonic palette. A testament to Peña’s dedication to his craft is The Time Has Come, his debut album featuring a collection of original songs in the Contemporary Christian music style, all of which were composed, performed, and tracked by Peña himself.

Since The Time Has Come, Peña continued to cultivate his musical identity, particularly with regards to his compositional process. Peña composes predominantly at the piano; however, the medium from which he draws inspiration is not merely the keys before him, but the rich and emotive scenes in his mind’s eye. For Peña, composing is the process of creating lush soundtracks to the cinematic images of his imagination. Over time, Peña saw the need for his music to grow beyond his piano arrangements, and this need found its realization when Peña met orchestral composer Judah Earl. As Peña and Earl began collaborating, the seeds of a project took root in their minds. These seeds came to fruition in Peña’s sophomore album, Thinking of You.

Peña’s musical career has explored various genres, including Contemporary Christian, Lite Rock, and New Age Instrumental, and has drawn influence from icons such as Jim Brickman, Yanni, James Horner, and Hans Zimmer. What distinguishes Peña is that his music is not merely a conglomeration of its constituent parts; rather, he carefully pulls distinct strands from each and masterfully weaves them into a tapestry that displays the craftsman’s artistry without diminishing the integrity of the materials from which it was made.

Peña’s most recent album, “Thinking of You” was nominated for best Piano with Instrumentation at the OWMR album awards as well as Best Neo-Classical Album on ZMR album awards.